Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drilled Stone Necklace with Hummingbird Image Transfer


I've seen some tutorials recently about how to drill through stones using a Dremel and thought I'd give it a try. My craft drawer has several boxes of stones I've collected over the years from Lake Michigan that were just begging to be made into necklaces. I also wanted to try doing an image transfer to (what else?) put a bird on it!

Supplies needed:

- Stones (To help you pick good stones, check out: Make This: Drilled Natural Stone Jewelry Tutorial from Papernstitch)
- Dremel rotary tool
- Diamond tipped drill bit (a crafter's best friend)
- Plastic container filled with water
- Small piece of plastic or wood to drill on top of

Getting started:

Don't forget your sexy goggles. Safety first!

Hold your stone in place and start drilling. Make sure you move the tool up and down as you go rather than holding steady pressure. This lets water get into the hole to keep the bit cool.

After a minute or so, you'll feel the bit break through the rock and hit the plastic underneath. At this point, flip it over and use the drill on the other side so the hole is even.


And now for the image transfer...

You'll need:

- Nail polish remover (with acetone)
- Paper towel or cotton ball
- Spoon
- The image you want to transfer (MUST be printed from a laser printer, NOT inkjet. I went to Kinko's and photocopied my image)

Place your image face down on the rock and use the paper towel to dab nail polish remover on the paper until it's all covered. Press firmly on the image with your spoon. You can use the edge of the spoon to get more pressure on it. 
Apparently I didn't press hard enough. This image transfer was not looking so hot:

Second try (different rock) came out much better:

Attach a jump ring and chain. You're all done!

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